23.03.09 Screena AMA Recap

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Hi everyone, it’s Screena. Based on the contents of our Teaparty from March 9th. we would like to tell you about our current activities and future plans.

Screena’s current status

Screena is currently working on various strategies and moving in various directions.

For instance, we are working on product advancement, overseas expansion, collaborations with IP companies, and web3 social activities.

First and foremost, we are committed to upgrading our Watch Party solution.

In line with our name of the Web3 Watch Party platform, we are currently working on upgrading the “Moments” solution where users can receive SBTs after watching certain content. The activity called Watch Party is already widely used around the world, but we have found that the need for specific niche OTTs watch parties is not being resolved. Therefore, we are working hard to connect various OTTs from around the world so that users globally can enjoy watch parties. In addition, we are preparing to increase retention by moving the point system, which was originally only conducted on Discord, to our website and expanding the scope of activities.

Second is overseas expansion.

In addition to our activities in Thailand, we are continuing to expand our activities into the Philippines.

In December, we participated in the Philippine Blockchain Week held in Manila and worked hard to attract new users and introduce our project by operating our booth and speaker presentations. We continue networking with various companies, creators, and influencers we met through this event. Beyond Thailand and the Philippines, we plan to expand into more countries in the future.

Lastly, we are working on IP cooperation, web3 social media activities, and more.

We have also been continuing our cooperation with the team of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’, organizing activities related to the Extraordinary Whales Club. This collaboration started last year and will continue in the future as well. Also, Screena will participate as an advisor for the Woo Young-woo X Sandbox activities that are being prepared.

As for social media, we started on Lenster, a Web3 social media platform. We aim to not just be a movie-watching site, but in the future, we will do our best to raise more awareness as a “Web3 Watch Party Platform.”

From now on, we’ll…

Let’s talk about our future plans.

First, we will airdrop the poster NFT of “Oknim Begins,” which has been delayed for a long time.

This NFT is not a holder benefit, but an NFT that can only be received by those who participated in the vote regarding the production of our Oknim YouTube short films. With the end of our migration, all those who participated in the event and successfully submitted their wallet addresses will receive this NFT. The airdrop date is scheduled for Friday, March 17th.

Next, we are going to give 1 PFP to the holders of our Oknim.

We will make an application form later during the first half of this year and announce the exact rules and methods then.

Finally, we have our Sandbox development project.

As Screena is a proud partner of The Sandbox, we are continuously preparing to develop and introduce our Land.

Sandbox items are also being prepared, so please show us a lot of interest and support.

We would like to finish our Teaparty recap with this:

Even if it’s not fast, we’ll work even harder in the future to ensure a definite improvement for our holders and users.

Thank you.

For inquiries regarding the Teaparty content, please visit our official website and contact us through the 1:1 chat counseling.


Screena, who operates the Web3 Watch Party platform, is creating a “joy to watch together” based on video content in the Web3 area. We believe that there is definitely a future where content and blockchain are connected. Discover your content preferences with Screena, and link your project to the content.

Official website: screena.com

Ok-nim NFT : https://bit.ly/3DkpIK1




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