Behind The NFT: How NFT Project Team Follows Through

In my last post, I made a point that to research any NFT project, a researcher should look not only at its design, utility, and roadmap but also at the team behind the project.

My argument was this; similar to investing in a startup, the team behind the project is as important as NFT itself; especially in a fast-changing, rapidly expanding ecosystem like NFT and the crypto sphere.

Example for True Hodler

Of course, I know many of you want to get in early, i.e. move in fast and move out quick.

But for those of you true hodler out there with interest in the connected growth with the community. I thought to provide an example instead of simply saying ‘find a good team behind the NFT project’. So you guys can see how does NFT project team keeps up and move forward in this rapidly changing scene.

Well.. maybe not any example, but ‘the’ example; because the best example I can talk about is my own .. an NFT project that has been moving non-stop ever since its beginning…Screena.

Keeping up with NFTs

Think of a swan gracefully grazing the surface of the lake… and then think about its legs furiously paddling under the water. As any project team or startup would know, when the environment is fast-moving, just keeping afloat is a struggle but to move forward requires ambition, execution, and commitment.

For example, our seamless watchparty with hundreds of participants every week.
The first moving cartoon NFT was created from crowdsourced content, adorable Ok-nim NFT in 3D content, behind all these results there is a small team with lots of passion but little sleep, constantly striving to create value with quality content.

The team behind the results

So when we say that TMC has a viral hit in the Thai FB community and on TikTok with hundreds of new Thai users joining Discord, that means that our Thai community manager has been talking to the Thai artist community for weeks, been holding daily watchparty and hosting events and consulting with local NFT communities for months.

And when we say that our discord point system is creating more user engagement that means that we have held multiple holder AMA (called Tea Party) and listened to user feedback. And reflected the feedback that before issuing of Screena coin which can take more time to nail down its economy, the holder should wait but not in vain. That’s why we started introducing a point system and fine-tuning constantly to establish value related Watch2Earn system.

And when we say we will introduce metaverse, that means that we’ve been researching and trying our Sandbox, cryptovoxel and more. And creating a world based on Screena backstory, actively experimenting with short-form content, and more. (And about to hold our Metaver exhibition on LunaToon. More on this very soon…)

And when we say we will create content to onboard more users that mean we are trying out multiple formats on multiple platforms such as tutorials, fan art, story contest, and upcoming Vtuber video content using our NFT to find the best content for engagement and quality.

Constant Acceleration

It goes without saying all of these projects require planning, talking to the community, listening to feedback, and reflecting on them to further fine-tune our projects. In short, we plan, create, and execute success in communication with the community.

Note that all these processes in constant and as the community grows also accelerates.

As I said, this is only one example of how the NFT project team operate behind the scene.

But I think in any promising project, this consistent and transparent communication, growing its size and quality, and following through with its ambition should be a common factor.

So, as always, take this with a grain of salt, and I hope this helped anyone who is interested in NFT to know that there is a team(even a one-person team), and their commitment matters if the project aims to grow and succeed with the community.

And if you are curious to know more about how the NFT project team operates let me know in the comment!

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