How Do You Explain NFT To Your Mom?

2 min readJan 25, 2022


Finally, it happened. I snapped.

Yesterday, I was on one of my frequent online hangout, and another post about NFT and the dissing comments started to pile up.

I mean, I get it. The field IS young, and there ARE lots of rug pulls and scammy projects, shills and shrills. But I also know that many people online do LOVE to hate NFT, crypto, Web 3.0 because we are the public’s favorite floggin subject at the moment, which makes me at times, frustrated, and lonely.

Then I remembered what I do and how it makes me exciting and the friends and people I know and work with in Terra. Our shared passion and inspiration. Our shared story.

This is, in a way, a story behind LunaToon story contest, we wanted to share, laugh, and most importantly, celebrate.

We know that YOU also at times feel like a Lunatic surrounded by prejudice, misunderstanding. But remember, in Loop and many other Lunatics projects we are building something special TOGETHER.

So if you have a story, share it.

If you’ve missed our LunaToon One Sentence Story Contest, here’s a quick recap.

What do we want?

Submit your one sentence story on twitter @TerraMovieClub with #LunaToon.

What do you win?

TMC with the LunaToon artist will select 7 stories to be made into season 2 LunaToon. Each winning story will be made into a LunaToon NFT, and the story winner will take 20% of the sales profit from the LunaToon NFT based on their story. In addition, the 1st place story owner will receive 600 Loop and 2nd — 7th winners 400 Loop.

Check out

– original announcement : ‘One Sentence Story Contest : Turn Your Story Into LunaToon‘ on Loop

– LunaToon release on Youtube :

– Twitter announcment :




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