LunaToon Metaver Gallery / Season 3 Story contest NOW open


We are inviting you all to LunaToon exhibition at Screena Metaverse gallery! (link)

Exhibited NFT pieces includes LunaToon season 1 episode and the ‘draft’s of LunaToon season 2 currently in production.

And from 21st March the final versions of LunaToon season 2 will be displayed.

On the LunaToon metaverse gallery event desk, you can also find an opening event form where you can submit your metaverse selfie, and visitor information for a chance to win ust.

Exhibition Schedule

15th — 21th: LunaToon Season 2 Drafts (LunaToon in making!)
21th — 29th: Lunatoon Season 2 Final Arts

29th: LunaToon Season 2 auction at OnePlanet!

Lunatoon Season 2 Auction Info

All seven episodes of LunaToon season 2 will be minted on OnePlanet with the estimated launch date of 29th March,

and the LunaToon season 2 story contest winners will take 20% of the profit for the NFT based on their story as well as royalty…

Opening Events

To celebrate LunaToon exhibition opening, we are holding fabulous events and we want YOU on our metaverse gallery!

Metaverse Selfie event

Come to LunaToon Metavese gallery and take a screenshot of yourself in it (metaverse selfie!) attach the selfie from the form on our event desk,

and you will be entered for a lottery with a chance to win 💰💰100 UST💰💰!! (20 UST each, 5 people in total)

Winner Announcement: April 1st, check Screena Twitter!

LunaToon Season 3 Story Contest — Make your Story into NFT

And finally, Lunatoon Season 3 story contest is now open!

🏆How to submit:

  1. Tweet your crypto/nft story from your Twitter account.
  2. Include #lunatoon3 hashtag in the tweet is a must!
  3. TMC and the artist will select the final Top 10 stories and present them on TMC Discord.
  4. The final 7 winners will be selected through voting by OK-nim holders!
    Tip: All Ok-nim holders who voted for the nominations will receive 50 points on TMC Discord!

🏆 Giveaways:

  • The 1st place winner will receive, ‘Devil Ok-nim’ NFT + 30% of the sales profit from the LunaToon season 3 episode based on their story
  • All seven winners will receive 30% of the sales profit from the LunaToon season 3 episode based on their story

Check out

👉Website :
👉Discord :
👉Twitter :

This week on Screena

– Collab Watchparty with Department 77

Date: 19th Mar, 11am (UTC)/ 8pm (KST)

Movie: Black Mirror S04 E01 — USS Callister (Netflix)

Prizes : ‘modified’ Deus MK1 x 1, Ok-nim NFT x 1 (link)

– Collab Watchparty wit TerraCharity

Date: 18th March 9pm (PDT) /4am(UTC) /1pm (KST)

Movie: 93: the Battle for Ukraine — first days of the war (1/3) (Youtube)

Prizes: RobotHead NFT x1, Ok-nim NFT x 1 (link)



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