NFT Lottery Is Here! NFT LIVE With Terra Astros

NFT LIVE: finding the hottest NFT project while dancing

NFT LIVE with Screena is already in its 6th episode. The 1st episode filmed in our LunaToon metaverse gallery quickly became the hottest dance floor where the Ok-nim NFT pops with the heat of the dancing.

But apart from dancing and earning NFT LIVE has another goal: checking out the newest and hottest nft for the Screena community.

Because for 15 min before the Screena lottery announcement whose weekly prize includes 200 UST and NFT, we check out the week’s NFT lottery prize and the project behind nft so the winning will be sweeter and we thirstier 😉

NFT LIVE 06: Terra Atros

And this week’s NFT lottery prize is what an expert might call a double whammy.. because we will be introducing Terra Astros, an NFT project with a vision to become the most extensive collector DAO in Terra’s NFT space with a weekly NFT lottery from its pool of blue chips NFTs, all while earning precious luna.

Meet Our Guest: Terra Astros

Terra Astros aims to be an out whale and collector which I think Defi minded will appreciate (you can find detailed information about their portfolio, DAO pool plans in their white paper here, and Terra Astros’s social media here)

Terra Astros’ plan is to build DAO’s NFTs treasury which will consist of stackable yielding NFTs to generate income. And generated income looping back to its portfolio with the goal of ultimate collector DAO where Astros will enjoy the giveaways and collectively develop and own NFT collection. And the prizes will consist of NFTs from the terra ecosystem, picked by the NFT research task force in Terra Astros discord and voted, collectively building and owning the ultimate terra’s NFT collection.

For Dance and Lottery

Whilst NFT LIVE with TMC is a community lottery introducing new nft projects for the TMC community and hitting the metaverse dance floor after the busy week of making and enjoying content, Terra Astros are all in on the lottery and DAO.

With already in its 6 episodes, Screena is happy where NFT LIVE is leading us, bringing a new project to our community and expanding our network, watching a live NFT show, earning, and dancing in Metaverse with holders holding their voxel hands…

So if you find yourself idle in the metaverse come and join us for dance and lottery and let’s dream of a whale so we can wake up as one 😉

Check out

👉Website :
👉Discord :
👉Twitter :

This week NFT LIVE : Terra Astros

🌽Where: On TMC discord

🗓️ Time : 1th May 11:45 (PDT)/ 6:45 (UTC)/ 15:45 (KST)

💰 Prizes:

– 1st : Terra Astros NFT x 1 + 50 UST

– 2nd~6th : 20 UST x 5

– 7~11th : 10 UST x 5

– 12~20th : 5 tickets for next lottery

** check out how to buy tickets and extra live events on #tmc-lottery channel



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