Ok-nim Begins, Screena Rises

2 min readMay 23, 2022

We continue

First of all, thank you. We are infinitely grateful to our community, who stand by through thick and thin(and we’ve been through plenty recently). You are the true source of inspiration and strength, thank you.

Today, we are answering some of the questions that many of you have asked, as well as some exciting news. Our eyes are on the future (and on the screen. Screena multi-tasks as always).

We change

Screena is our ‘new’ name.

Screena isn’t exactly our ‘new’ name, but from now on, it will be ‘the’ name. Bye, Terra Movie Club; it’s been good, but we’ll move on, and we will thrive. Let’s welcome the future we will start building together.

Welcome to Screena.

As many of you guys know Screena has always been the name of our core solution ‘watch party’. Therefore, the name Screena indicates not only the transition from Terra but also the streamlining of our identity to focus on our vision of Watch2Earn. All our new projects (there will be many) will be under the name Screena.

Yes, we are moving.

Many of you guys suggested it, and we agree. We will move. We are currently talking with our contacts on different ecosystems to find a new home to build upon. We want to be cautious and considerate, and will reveal the destination after the due diligence and finalizing the plan.

Our goal is to thrive and build, and we will find the best foundation. And when we make this decision (soon), you will be the first one to know.

We will thrive

From the mint last November, we have done a lot.

We have seen Wanted Ok-nim hitting $39k; we’ve done many many watch parties including several mega watch parties (do you know thousands of people have participated in our watch parties so far?); we’ve done a charity join mint for Ukraine (remember the conversation we had watching Ukraine war documentary?); we had a story contest to make moving webtoons; we’ve done live streaming with metaverse dancing; most recently we made the 1st movie set in The Sandbox.

But this is only the beginning.

As ‘Screena’ we will not only continue to make web3 content, but we will upgrade our watch2earn with a new and better product, new channels, and new nfts. We will have exciting new partners and upcoming events that will be more exciting than ever.

One thing is for sure. We all needed some good news, and Screena has lots of them coming.

Do you know what happens when corn receives heat? It pops. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes… Ok-nim Begins, Screena Rises.




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