Screena X Woo Young-woo collaboration at KBW 2022

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Ok-nim at KBW2022

Screena has had the amazing opportunity to be the project manager for the tv series Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s official NFT project. Working with A Story, the production company, and blockchain-related companies like Ciety, we successfully started the official NFT project at the Korea Blockchain Week 2022.

About the ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ NFT project

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Netflix poster

The tv series’ main character, Woo Young-woo, is an attorney with a genius IQ and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), who is working at a large law firm. The drama about Woo Young-woo, who solves incidents in her own way, has received a warm reception and is also gaining popularity as a ‘healing drama’ that has risen into Netflix’s worldwide top 10 rankings. The drama has also received much praise because it has been raising awareness for people with ASD, which in turn inspired A Story, the production company, to increase the impact the drama is making by creating an official ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) NFT community.

The social NFT community will gather the fans of the series, and as Han Se-min, CEO of AIMC has said “to support Woo Young-woo’s fans worldwide and to give courage and hope to many others affected by ASD.”

Extraordinary Whales Club

The community is called ‘Extraordinary Whales Club’, which is a tribute to Woo Young-woo’s tremendous love for whales, whom she truly adores and who help her throughout her life. The whales are often seen in the series as Young-woo has her epiphanies, but mostly as her support; the NFT community being named ‘Extraordinary Whales Club’ shows that it will be a club where fans can give and receive support to each other.

The start of the Extraordinary Whales Club

Extraordinary Whales Club booth at KBW2022

After announcing this exciting NFT project, it was officially launched during the Korea Blockchain Week (KBW) 2022, which was held at the Grand Intercontinental in Seoul. For two days, August 8th & 9th, Screena and A Story managed the Woo Young Woo booth, which was met with great enthusiasm from the series’ fans. Not only that, but our booth also managed to attract attention from passers-by unfamiliar with the drama, who moved on with more knowledge, a desire to watch the show on Netflix, and who usually pointed out that they found it very interesting and awesome to be seeing an NFT project meant for a good cause.

At the booth, we gave out postcards, which contained instructions on how to receive the first NFT of the project airdropped to your wallet. The first NFT is, of course, a clip of one of the whales in the drama, spreading support to the owners of this NFT and other fans. The popularity of this airdrop was immense; on the first day, the 250 postcards were gone within less than an hour, prompting visitors to line up early on the second day for the remaining 250.

Extraordinary Whales Club postcard which contained airdrop information

Screena and Woo Young-woo

However, this NFT project is not the only connection between the drama ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ and Screena. Screena has been organizing watch parties for the fans of the drama through our chrome extension, which allows users to Watch2Earn; fans earn Soulbound Token NFTs while watching a series or movie, which they collect and can use as proof to show they have watched the drama.

Not only do we give out NFTs to users, but users can also organize watch parties, where they can watch a movie or series together at the same time while chatting. And to top that off, it’s all legal because every participant needs to log in with their own account for the OTT service they want to use, be it Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, or any of our many other options.

OTT services currently available for watch parties with Screena’s Watch2Earn solution

So if you’re not yet familiar with the drama ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’, come check it out, and download our Watch2Earn extension; a
Woo Young-woo centered event will be starting soon, so make sure not to miss it!

If you’re interested in more about our booth at KBW2022, check out our vlog:

To download our Watch2Earn solution, go to:

And make sure to follow the Extraordinary Whales Club on Twitter for the project’s future plans and more information!




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