Screena’s latest AMA: Migration, Woo Young-woo, and more!

3 min readAug 22, 2022

Last week it was time for another one of our AMAs! For everyone who didn’t have the chance to tune into Discord during any of our 3 sessions (Korean session, English session, and Thai session), we have transcribed the most important information from the sessions for you to read!

Our last AMA session schedule

Screena News

News about our migration to Polygon:

It’s time Ok-nim moves to Polygon!

Screena is working with OnePlanet for our migration to the Polygon network.
It’s all taking a bit longer than expected, but it’s finally really close now! Migration is said to happen at the beginning of September. After our migration, the currently paused Verified Bot will restart operations. We will also (finally!) be able to hand out the ‘Ok-nim Begins’ movie poster NFTs.

News on our community operation policies

For people who want to share their ideas/suggestions/opinions with us, please use the Verified Channel to communicate them to us. We’ve decided on making this rule because it’s not a content channel. We understand the people that like to see profits realized quickly with their NFT. However, it is hard to continue discussions when there is a lot of criticism, slandering and sighing, etc. going on, and these actions are not helpful to the community at all.

‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’: Screena chosen to be the PM of the official NFT project

The booth at KBW2022 for ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ NFT project

Woo to the Young to the Woo! Screena reached out to Astory, the production company of the wildly popular Netflix Kdrama ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ to organize watch parties for the drama. After meeting with us, Astory not only allowed us to organize these watch parties, but also asked us to be the project manager for the official NFT project they were working on! Because of the limited preparation time, Screena worked together with several other companies to make it work, officially launching the NFT project during KBW2022 in Seoul.

Screena’s future plans

We will keep promoting and upgrading our Watch2Earn solution, and are planning to increase the connection with current and (possible) future companies and collaborators.
In addition to this, we are currently conducting an in-depth study of SBT (Soulbound Tokens), because we believe it has a good chance to become the next meta for the blockchain.

What else are we preparing besides the Woo Young-woo project?

We are working hard to improve our Watch2Earn solution. We’re mainly advancing in two directions:

1. Technological advancement
We are upgrading so that our solution offers more Watch2Earn content and more users can use it smoothly at the same time.

2. IP diversification
We are working on having more opportunities like the Woo Young-woo NFT project, where we can officially cooperate with the IP holders and create value for everyone. Like one of our team members who participated in KBW said, “This time there was only one booth related to content, but there will be many more booths like this in the near future.”

If you think this was interesting, or you personally would like to ask our team questions, make sure to tune in for our next AMA!

We will notify our community of the time and date for the next AMA through our social channels, like Discord and Twitter. So make sure to check those out!

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