Surf NFT In Thailand + Dance Like BossApe In Metaverse

3 min readMay 3, 2022

Ok-nim adventure in NFT Art Surf Festival in Thailand, 20 mil views for Ok-nim Sandbox movie! Screena plans to own the stage and dance like boss (Ape) in the metaverse.

Surf NFT in Thailand

Decentralized content creation day is here, but Screena is a globe-trotting bunch and for the last week, Screena’s Thai mod Hoodie has been surfing the Thai NFT scene at NFT ARt Surf Festival in Bangkok.

Meeting hundreds of IRL visitors and new followers during the festival and the workshop, Screena is forever grateful for the love and support we received, and excited to surf our way into the new horizon with the Screena community all around the world.

The 1st Sandbox Movie: Ok-nim Begins reaches 20 million views!

Is there a better feeling than when the love for your creative work is repeated by others?

Screena was truly excited to release The Sandbox movie based on our NFT Ok-nim to the public, and within 2 weeks of launching it, more than 20 million people viewed our humble production.

As we prepare to make the sequel WITH out community (we have received community keyword suggestions and the vote by the holder is in full swing), there’s a strange feeling that sweeps by all of us. We feel excited and humbled and then excited again 😉

Because we know that this is just the beginning and although that could be a daunting thought, knowing that our foremost goal is to forge a new way of making content in web 3 space and do it with the community; we feel both the weight and the energy for our shared future 🙂

With so much good news, we are again grateful to have a place for celebration (this time in the metaverse!)

And this week in NFT LIVE we have a project that knows how to celebrate and party like a boss(ape).

NFT LIVE 07: Boss Ape Club

This week’s NFT LIVE guest project is Boss Ape Club @Boss_Ape_Club
With the attitude of a total boss, they proclaim their coming of NFT scene as follows
“We are the Boss Apes. We are a Brand, a Status, a Symbol of Prestige. Own a Boss Ape, Live Like A Boss.”

Scheduled to mint in July, Boss Ape Club is already working on their passive income plan and more in their moonmap which can be found on their website

Collaborating with such boss (Ape), Screena also plans to totally own our metaverse stage 😉

Check out

👉Website :
👉Discord :
👉Twitter :

This week NFT LIVE: Boss Ape Club

🌽Where: On Screena discord

🗓️ Time : 8th May 11:45 (PDT)/ 6:45 (UTC)/ 15:45 (KST)

💰 Prizes:
— 1st : Boss Ape NFT x 1 + 50 UST
— 2nd~6th : 20 UST x 5
— 7~11th : 10 UST x 5
— 12~20th : 5 tickets for next lottery

** More info on Boss Ape Club discord

** check out how to buy tickets and extra live events on #-lottery channel




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