Screena Drop Recap within the Team

Hi Screena here.

Our first NFT sales have ended since Nov 17th.

Thank yall for support, a total of 2,118 Ok-nims were minted. (or should we say born?🧐 )

Now we start our wonderful joyride with around 750 enthusiastic members.

Let us share what the Screena team thought about the drop.


Betty: The biggest takeaway from this drop was the Screena community itself. Blockchain users and movie lovers at the same time! Screenaitself became a pretty notable ‘movie’ categorized server. I strongly believe the community can grow more than this! I will continue to organize more diverse & exciting events!


Betty: It is a bit of shame that I could not fully convey what many ppl were curious about — from Screena’s vision to watchparty.
Moreover, I really wish I could get closer to the members. (I blame countless preparation of announcements & event hosting 🤭 ) I will make more time to get closer with Ok-nim mates! Love yall!


Ken: I overlooked the communication with RandomEarth. Large-scale crypto events were held in New York & Lisbon two weeks before Screena’s drop. We were not able to communicate smoothly to double confirm drop details. As a result, we caused confusion by splitting 4T and 2T sales stages.
We all learn from our mistakes and grow from them. We will continue to work with RandomEarth and this experience will solidify our future co-work.


June: I am undergoing Ok-nim’s companion Du-Du development. I really appreciate lots of design feedback on Ok-nim from community members. For Du-Du development, I would like to hear the voices of community members on rarity, property, and others. Basically, we are making Du-Du together! 🥳 Please look forward to Du-DU and Cinema Chair!

We are thrilled that Ok-nim’s first step into the world is recognized among many people.

We are really grateful and thank our supporters again.



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