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From last week to early this week, Screena has been hosting in our Discord multiple AMA(a.k.a Screena Tea Party)s in multiple languages for each of our major regional communities. Below is transcribed and edited version of our tea parties, shared in the hope to shows how a dedicated project goes about building community and its future.

Update from Screena

Watchparty Solution has gone viral

Let’s start with the unexpected (and awesome!) news we had recently.

As some of you guys know, we use our solution (a chrome extension we developed called Screena Watchparty ) for all of our watch parties. It is a simple and easy-to-use solution that users can log in with Discord, that we are also adding nft utility features for specific benefits of the holders too.

And this extension was mentioned in a tweet by one of the industry influencers in Korea and got more than a million rt and likes.

Of course, this is not our first viral hit. Our beloved nft character Ok-nim’s 3d dance video had gone viral on TikTok before. But what was particularly meaningful this time is the number of new users for our OTT solution has tripled and continues to this day. This was a great affirmation that we are creating utilities that people love and seek out, and our plan to create more utilities related to watchparty was a step in the right direction.

Knowhere Week and Poppin Puffins Watchparty

In related news, the number of collab watch parties we hold has increased significantly as well. From January to February 13, a total of 693 people joined our watchparty to have fun, meet new people, and also ‘earn’.

And we plan to hold more even watch parties, especially after our LunaToon launch on OnePlanet and second listing on Knowhere.

Just this week, we are holding a 7-day collaboration nonstop watch parties with Knowhere, a.k.a Knowhere Week. In addition to, ‘no-party-like-poppin-puffin-party’ watchparty with Poppin Puffins this weekend.

Screena is known for our watch parties, and we are proud and happy to continue that tradition because IMHO the best way to grow a community is to have fun!

LunaToon launch, and Metaverse?

LunaToon Launch and 1+1 NFT deal?!

And of course, we can’t forget our Lunatoon season 1 launch! The auction on One Planet has started and is currently live with a 3 Luna price tag. And the hottest news is … if you buy one LunaToon nft, you will get 1 Ok-nim nft for free! (link)

Metaverse awaits!

Finally, there is a special and perhaps long waited for news. If you’ve been following our roadmap you will know that creating story format content on Metaverse has always been part of our goal. And this dream is currently in the making!! We are creating a metaverse animation (currently dubbed as Ok-nim begins..), with Sandbox Game Maker and VoxEdit.

Even more ambitious projects in blockchain and DAO

As we communicated with our community, the ambition of Screena is big and our pursuit consistent. We are also currently in discussion with major entertainment studios in Korea in relation to creating a metaverse adaptation of their K-dram IP, and by creating this metaverse entertainment project as a DAO. To explain further, we plan to organize DAO and buy land in Sandbox to create a space-based on this major IP. As this is currently in discussion, our community members will be updated on its progress as it develops.

Growing and Expanding Community

Thai hit and richer community

One of the exciting development that is visible to all in our server is the growth of the Thai community. Kruni, who’s a member of our community, posted a video about us on TikTok, and the number of plays has exceeded 260,000. And thanks to the video our community is becoming even richer than it already was!

As some of you might have noted at the time, right after Screena launched it’s Ok-nim NFT, we have rather a high number of Korean community members which made some worries about our international growth. But thanks to the steady collaboration and content creation, new users now account for a high percentage of about 51%, and we are seeing more and more members from all over the world. And we will continue to strive to form a strong community through steady activities.

And as some of you might know, we are also now active in the Loop community. We are happy to see that general chat rooms are very active these days, with many interesting discussions about different subjects and opinions. New members continue to flow in through our articles and collaboration parties through Loop.

Mini QnA

This is the summary of some of the questions from members during the tea party.

1. There is a point system on the server, what is the exact use of these points?

As we’ve mentioned previously, we plan to issue our own coin. However, our iron rule is that the coin will be issued only when the economic system is certain and the healthy value can be preserved. Therefore, the specific timing has not been decided yet, and we acknowledge that this makes some of our earliest supporters and holders simply wait till the system is well in place.

So, in order to compensate for this waiting period, we have introduced a point system in our discord server. Points mean contribution to the community, and when our coins are issued later, each member’s contribution to the community will be duly attributed to and reflected when coins are distributed.

2. What makes Watch 2 Earn possible

Watch 2 Earn, in the most surface sense, is actually pretty easy. All we have to do is reward those who join in watchparty with us. The problem is that Tera Movie Club must create ‘value’ through this watch2earn to create sustainable value and ecosystem. And we plan to tackle this challenge by creating our own IP content and executing its success.

We are planning to make a movie on metaverse. And our community members will watch this content early on, therefore overcoming the most difficult huddle of establishing the initial view count in creating a successful IP products.

3. Is it really just watching? What more steps do you need to take?

Yes! it really as simple as that! Please enjoy watching content such as movies/dramas and chatting. That’s it! There are no cumbersome steps such as filling out a Google form or submitting additional information via DM.

There are a lot of questions about how to prove whether you have seen the movie or not.

First of all, as you might have noticed when you joined our previous watchparty when you enter the party room you do so by using your Discord account. So that’s how we can track attendance. So please just chill, enjoy movies, chat and have fun with people! It really is that easy!

4. OTT subscription, is it necessary?

When you host your own watchparty or join other watch parties, you can use various streaming services such as Netflix, Disney Plus, and YouTube. And we understand that some people might now have subscriptions for that particular service which can be a barrier to joining as much as you want.

However, it stands that OTT subscription is essential for watch party. There are some people who watch at the same time by sharing the Discord screen, but this is against the content copyright law. By subscribing, we are protecting the copyrights of OTT and creators, and our services can continue. Screena from its beginning has always maintained its focus on creating a healthy and flourishing environment for content creators. We are committed to making better opportunities for content creators and seeking out new ways that we can use new technology to fix and revolutionize the current broken system in the content industry.

But back to the point, we also do YouTube watch parties that do not require OTT subscriptions, as well as original content from the creator themselves, so do keep an eye out with watchparty channels and our Twitter!

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This week on Screena

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Movie : The Secret Lives of Puffins, YouTube
Prizes: Poppin Puffins Movie NFT + Custom Puffin Tag + Ok-Nim NFT

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