We Asked the Community.. What Would You Show To An Alien..?

Who would have thought.. movie lovers are so creative!

Creative Community

What would you show to an alien, what year would you time travel to? What is the name of your hypothetical band?

We have in Screena a fun routine or daily topic and conversation.

It could be silly, could be sweet and funny. But most importantly it tells a story of our community members and the creativity and sincerity of Screena members in general.

For example, check out this is an ordinary day of answers for a question asking .. “If you could

travel, what year would you go?”

who would have thought a community full of movie lovers will be so full of creativity and humor 😉

And all this leads to why we are so excited about the future of this community, starting from Ok-nim Begins.

Ok-nim Begins: Screena makes a movie!

As Screena released the 1st Sandbox movie called ‘Ok-nim Begins’, TMC discord members were alerted with the following very interesting (but not unusual for us) announcement.

[Ok-nim is OOO]
What do you think …Ok-nim really is!?
**You can add a description or just write in your keyword.
Please join us in creating the next story. 🎬oknim-movie

[Ok-nim movie production]
All community members can suggest keywords and receive 10 points.
Keywords are selected by TMC team.
The №1 keyword is selected through the final vote of the holders.
The next installment will be based on with №1 keywords.
** Holders who participated in the final vote can receive 30 points,
as well as NFT poster.

With Screena being such an incredibly creative bunch, we would have the most interesting time creating the next installment of Ok-nim Begins, which already garnered many views and following as the 1st Sandbox movie created.

With the community suggestion we are getting for the next installment (do check out our #oknim-movies channel in Screena discord, it is the home of most fascinating fan theories and suggestions that we are a little bit worried about if this might be spun off conspiracy theories or some cult…)

As Screena made it plenty clear in our previous writings, our vision and belief are strongly in the web 3 content: let’s unlock creativity with blockchain and create a system of profit-sharing to build a sustainable and strong ecosystem of web 3 entertainment.

And although this is a small line at the beginning of the big story, but here in Screena, we already started writing it.

Check out Ok-nim Begins, the 1st Sandbox movie.
Check out the creativity of the Screena community in our Discord in which the #oknim movies channel contains the gem of the next movie made by Screena.

Other Links
👉Website : https://screena.com
👉Discord : https://discord.io/screena
👉Twitter : https://twitter.com/screena_eth



Creator of the 1st Sandbox movie. Connoisseurs and creators of all things movie, anime, and tv (Watch2Earn)

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Creator of the 1st Sandbox movie. Connoisseurs and creators of all things movie, anime, and tv (Watch2Earn)