We Made A Metaverse Movie!

Taking decentralized content creation to the metaverse

Screena has taken a step towards taking decentralized content creation to the metaverse!

From moving cartoon NFT with a crowdsourced story and embedded profit sharing of LunaToon, Screena has taken a step towards expanding the decentralized content creation scope to the metaverse and ..even further?

The 1st Sandbox movie created by Screena tells the story familiar to the Screena community which is the Ok-nim origin story. The movie starred by adorable Ok-nim in fully voxelated form captures the story’s irony, readiness, and humor.

How the ambitious corn from the rural corn-field dream of popping in the theatre and struggle to make its dream come true.

And when it’s just about the get within the grip of achieving that dream, the force outside of its control, the pandemic, swipes away all it has achieved. But does our corn give up? No!

Screena is not above being inspired by its creation, and we genuinely love and are excited by what we have created.

So come on and check out the 1st Sandbox movie proudly presented by Screena. (youtube link here)

And for those who retweet the movie release announcement (tweet link here), we are giving away ‘Ok-nim Begins’ poster NFT to five lucky people 😉



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Creator of the 1st Sandbox movie. Connoisseurs and creators of all things movie, anime, and tv (Watch2Earn)