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3 min readMay 16, 2023


Screena has study groups covering both content and NFTs. (The study group is in Korean, and the team members are mainly from the content media, and blockchain sectors.)

What is Web3 SNS?

The Web3 SNS we’ll be introducing today are Lenster and Phaver. They are services that Screena is also currently interested in and operating. They are two very different social networks, but they are closely related.


The first feature of Lenster is,
You can only use the service by purchasing NFTs.
In other words, each NFT is an “account”.

I also bought NFTs to power my account.
I think I bought it for around $100 at the time, and now it’s selling for around $200.

Oknim’s Lenster account

At first glance, Lenster looks a lot like Twitter. Posting a photo or post is the same, mirroring (retweeting), commenting, and liking looks the same.

This is where the second feature of Lentor comes in. You can mint freely. Just hit that pile(?) button and you’re done minting. In other words, you can publish an image in a post as an NFT as NFTs. (This is why it’s a web3 SNS!) If you like it, you can buy it. Let’s look at it from the account owner’s perspective. After all, you’re posting and selling at the same time, As far as I can tell, it’s similar to Instagram Shop.(You can tag your Instagram posts with products for sale.)

Lenster’s sales settings could be more granular.

  • What coins to accept
  • Sell to followers only
  • Set a time limit on the sale, etc.

You can even choose to give the referrer a commission. That referral feature could blow up your campaign if you use it right.

These users gather and congregate, and now we’re already seeing a huge ecosystem is already being built. The number of accounts minted during the beta tester period was 110,000. Just looking at the data on the dashboard that’s a lot of growth. I think that’s a pretty significant number!

It seems like Web3 SNS has come a long way. However, I don’t know if it will be as active as Instagram and Facebook. What are your thoughts on Lenster? In the next post, I’ll introduce another Web3 SNS, Phaver.


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Ok-nim NFT: https://bit.ly/3DkpIK1

Lenster : https://lenster.xyz/u/01h24

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