Wen Revolution?

unstoppable force (web 3) meets immovable objects (content industry)

Did I miss a tweet?

Working in a blockchain space..or better put, living in this space as we do,

the speed of change is so fast that it seems entirely possible that something gigantic would happen and we will miss the news by mistake.

FOMO is common and perhaps… justifiable. 😉

But on the other hand, the entrenched system we are trying to fix, which for Screena is Entertainment/Content industry is so stuck up that it seems almost an immovable object.

An unstoppable force

Somewhat counterintuitively, this is also a reason why Screena joined in web 3 content business, which we consider the unstoppable force (i.e. the only cure for immovable objects).

The fact is, Screena wasn’t just born four months ago when we minted its first NFT Ok-nim (corn from a rural cornfield with a dream to pop big). Our origin story goes much further back.

Screena is our name

Our most loyal holders would know, Screena is a name used for our proprietary chrome extension popular around the world for social watching experiences.

And the reason for our double name as well as the fact that we developed a sophisticated extension used by thousands of users is….because Screena has been trying to battle the content industry with the strength of blockchain for years.

Years before…

Going back to 2018, Screena has been communicating with big IP holders and film festivals in Korea to introduce blockchain in content in webtoon, drama, film, and festivals.

As anyone who has worked in the IP industry or any legacy industry can attest, it takes a VERY long time to see any change and it is frustratingly slow, especially if compared to the break-neck development in the web 3.0 space.

But finally, this year quite a few discussion is taking actual shape.

The change that is coming, including the change Screena is making, was possible because many small but tenacious projects like us who believe in the web 3 are playing this revolutionary game full-blown, both long and short game.

‘Wen’ Coming soon…

In the fast-moving blockchain space, we keep up the momentum by constantly moving forward.

At the same time, in snail pace content industry we are moving the hearts and minds of heavyweight bit by bit.

And we feel that ‘Wen revolution’ is becoming a more and more tangible question.

So viva la revolution. Be it slow or quick. We are here and ready for it 🔥

Check out

👉Website : https://screena.com
👉Discord : https://discord.io/screena
👉Twitter : https://twitter.com/screena_eth



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