When a holder loves a project very much…

4 min readMar 30, 2022

March 27th Sunday the fateful day

March 27th Sunday was the first-ever broadcast of NFT LIVE With Screena,

a live show hosted by Virtual Youtuber Ok-nim,

exploring the world of NFT with the community in real-time.

And for the inaugural episode of NFT LIVE with Screena, Screena decided to stick to the letter to the T;

and invited Screena holders as a guest and hosted a global AMA on Screena’s metaverse gallery on cryptovoxel.

And that was the beginning of the most epic of AMAs ever seen on IRL or Metaverse.

What happens at metaverse stays at metaverse..

At 3:40 pm (KST), VTuber Ok-nim started the broadcast with a polite bow and slightly inappropriate virtual dancing.

like nft, like community

The live broadcast was available through the link posted on Screena’s discord channel, and anyone could join with a Discord login.

Quickly, within minutes of NFT LIVE starting, a rogue (but well-known and well-loved) member from Screena joined the metaverse stage located on the roof of Screena gallery in cryptovoxel and started camera bomb with the most spectacular dancing.

Ok-nim, a little surprised but with barely contained joy, temporarily moved the screen, but apparently couldn’t stay away from enchanting dancing by Screena holders and joined the metaverse stage again, and now the metaverse was beginning to fill up with other members of Screena.

Screena Flash Mob on Metaverse

Ever since the announcement of NFT LIVE with Screena, and especially the first episode was dedicated to the Screena community, Screena has said that the event is for fun and enjoyment of the community.

But to witness such unfettered fun on metaverse was a new and fun experience that even as we were planning the event never imagined.

And when at 4 pm KST the NFT LIVE lottery winners were announced there was a wave of congratulation in the chat, discord, and on metaverse, basically wherever Screena members were.

VTuber Ok-nim was answering questions that were coming up in real-time, dancing with the members on the metaverse stage, and laughing its virtual head off at the same time.

And at the end of the live broadcast, there were several members blowing kisses and laughing together. No better first event we could have imagined.

Virtual life-affirming experience

Screena is bullish on trying new projects, onboarding ourselves to new ideas, and the main, perhaps the only reason we can be so bullish on trying new stuff is because of our community support.

In a way, this NFT LIVE was one of these new projects we were trying, and to see the support from the community in real-time, physically manifested on metaverse was such a virtual life-affirming experience.

This week, another adventure

This week, NFT LIVE with Screena is moving forward with our original intent of exploring a new nft project with the community and inviting an NFT project “Project Moonwalk — Lunar 6 dragon” to explore their project on a virtual stage as well as play lottery with the winner going home with Lunar 6 dragon’s nft to top the fun experience off.

And after the epic experience of the last time, Screena is more than excited to meet our community on metaverse again and see them dance like they never danced on metaverse before…

More on This week

LunaToon Season 3 Story Contest

submit your story is just simply tweet your cypto/nft experience or story with a hashtag #lunatoon3

In LunaToon season 3, the seven winning submissions will not only be made into LunaToon season 3 episode nft. but also upon the sale of their episode, the story owner will receive 30% of the profit (up 10% from the last contest!).

Collab Watchparty Lunar-6-Dragon (link)

🎬 twenty five twenty one, Ep 15~16 (Netflix)
🎁 Lunar 6 Orbit NFT x3
🎁 Ok-nim NFT x1

To get
1️⃣ Join discord
2️⃣ Enjoy watchparty!

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